Gods are not to blame

January 31 2016, Global Game Jam 16

The Gods are not happy, the brave people of Chunchucmil suffered a series of cataclysm. All the priest know what to do : let's sacrifice humans to the gods : their blood will calm their anger ! But who's priest will be the first to fullfuil their needs? Let's find out...

How to play: 1) Every villager killed on your autel will give his blodd to the gods. The first player who's stairs are covered with blood will win! 2) Trowing villagers on the ennemy will slow them down... Choose your villagers wisely fat villagers will do a lot of damage: but you will also lose a lot of your own blood stock!


Clément Bailat, Jérémie Théodoloz, Mandur, Quentin Bailat & François-Xavier Aeberhard


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