Ariston Timepieces

July 2019 - Lausannne, Switzerland

Ariston is the first luxury watch that encompass crypto wallet. A physical encryption key is embedded in the case and allows the customer to access his assets (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.).

  • Development the iOS and Android apps
  • Industrialization of the coin
  • Project management


June 2018 - Lausanne, Suisse allows you to buy graphic cards to mine crypto currencies using a smart contract (Solidity). The goal is to allow full control on the cards for the users and full traceability for the manufacturer.

  • Develop the frontend and backend interacting with the Ethereum smart contract
  • Team Management


December 2017 - Cork, Ireland

Festy is a payment system that leverages the use of both cryptocurrencies and blockchain data structure to lower fees and improve security for shop owners.

  • Secured a 594 Dash (200'00USD) funding from Dash community (link)
  • Architectured backend and mobile app allowing to pay with multiple cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dash, Ether, Litecoin)
  • Led a team of five developers


July 2016 - Social Media Lab at EPFL

The Horizon project aims at gathering and analyzing data from social network (Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube ...) in order to create emotional indicators linked to specific topics and questions. My role was to industrialize the different steps of the process and create a SAAS platform.

  • Audit the existing architecture and emit recommendations
  • Automate time-consuming operation and optimize the architecture
  • Participate in daily operations (bug fixing, client support)


January 2015 - Interactive video mapping at Maison d'ailleurs Museum, Yverdon

  • Turn a wall into a game playground
  • Let player use his mobile phone as a gamepad
  • Present the project during Portrait Robot exhibit at Maison d'ailleurs

Programming game

March 2014 - UX Engineer at School for Business & Engineering Vaud (Heig)

  • Teach javascript with fun
  • Get funded by the E-Creation grant from HES-SO Cyberlearn unit

Stalker - Experimenting the Zone

September 2013 - Exhibit design at Maison d'Ailleurs Museum, Yverdon

  • Make the visitor experiment the secret room present in Tarkovski's movie
  • Let the visitor draw his wish on a tangible surface and project it among other's on a cloud of wires


January 2012 - UX Engineer at School for Business & Engineering Vaud (Heig-vd)

  • Create a Web Game Authoring System for rapid development of serious games
  • Allow teachers to create games without programming skills
  • Get funding from RCSO, Western Switzerland School for Applied Science

Michael Jackson: The Experience - Wii

August 2010 - User Interface Engineer at Ubisoft

  • Design and implement the in-game user interface on Nintendo Wii

Michael Jackson: The Exerience - Web

August 2010 - User Interface Engineer at Ubisoft

  • Create a rhythm game where player uses keyboard to mimic Michael
  • Implement in a Facebook app

Just Dance 2 - Wii & PS3

February 2010 - Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft

  • Design and implement the connection between the game (PS3 and Wii) and Social Networks (Facebook & iPhone applications)

Audio D-Touch

June 2009 - Research project at Design and Media Laboratory (LDM, EPFL)

  • Design and implement a tangible user interface (TUI) for audio sequencing
  • Conduct a user study to validate this work


February 2009 - Open source project

  • Create a lightweight CMS designed with AJAX in mind


August 2008 - User interface designer at EverMore Innovation

  • Design and implement the interface of EyeKidz, a browser for children


January 2008 - Student game contest

  • Create a mobile game mixing life simulation and adventure
  • Participate to the Logiquest programming contest sponsored by Sun and Swisscom