July 24 2017

We won the 20'000$ prize at Cosmos Hackathon!

Our project allowed to create blockchains from a web interface. It uses Tendermint consensus and Terraform to handle server instances.

Our prototype is available at

Congrats to all the team members: Antoine Herzog, Florin Dzeladini, Alexandre Tuleu and Tilman Schneider.


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January 31 2017, Global Game Jam 17

In this game you are "Starnibal", a star that wants to know how astronauts tastes. Use the up and down key to move like a wave and try to counter that famous mid screen gravity (...). Try to eat them all (in a wavy motion) before the end of the time.

If you miss one of the marionauts, use your super reset ability and press "Q" to restart the level, you filthy loser. Listen to our great wav(e) files while surfing through the space and oscillate between the planets and the corpses of your cute ennemies.


Clément Bailat, Jérémie Théodoloz, Nicolas Graber, Guillaume Volgyesi, Quentin Bailat & François-Xavier Aeberhard


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Arlette la Chouette

December 21 2016

Guidés par une mascotte virtuelle et munis d’une lampe magique, les enfants partiront à la découverte des trois musées de Nyon. Sur le chemin et dans les salles ils devront chercher les indices cachés permettant de résoudre une énigme. A chaque étape, ils devront entrer un code dans une application leur donnant accès à la question suivante.

Lire la suite...


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January 31 2016, Open Source Project

When you design interfaces, you need to consider graphic design, user experience and implementation all at the same time. To simplify this very complex issue and have a document on which people with those three specialities, I very often use my more complex projects with an initial wireframe prototype, which is either done with mockup tools or directly in code.

The main issue with wireframe prototyping is that people tend to consider visual aspects of the definitive. One nice trick is to use hand drawn theme so it is very clear to all viewer that it is not the definitive appearance of the site.

Handdrawn.css is a plug and play library that turn your proptotype into handrawn theme and can be used with bootstrap.


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Gods are not to blame

January 31 2016, Global Game Jam 16

The Gods are not happy, the brave people of Chunchucmil suffered a series of cataclysm. All the priest know what to do : let's sacrifice humans to the gods : their blood will calm their anger ! But who's priest will be the first to fullfuil their needs? Let's find out...

How to play: 1) Every villager killed on your autel will give his blodd to the gods. The first player who's stairs are covered with blood will win! 2) Trowing villagers on the ennemy will slow them down... Choose your villagers wisely fat villagers will do a lot of damage: but you will also lose a lot of your own blood stock!


Clément Bailat, Jérémie Théodoloz, Mandur, Quentin Bailat & François-Xavier Aeberhard


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Grüg & Grug

July 5 2015, Ludum Dare Game Jam 16

In game jams, it's always hard to to settle on an idea. Even though we ere only two, it took one full day to have this one. It's a two player rythm game on phone. Each holds one end of the phone and need to move it up when his side of the swing goes down.

Great week-end, but we failed to finish a playable version of this game. But we swore we would finish it soon. Wait and see then...


My online songbook

June 22 2015

The whole family participated in elaborating this one.


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Parliament Impact at Research Hackdays

June 6 2015

Measuring the impact of political action by comparing the occurrences of keywords contained in the Swiss Parliament documents (motions, postulates, interpellations, questions, etc.) and the occurrences of the same keywords in a national newspaper.

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Un jeu pour Arthur

July 20 2014

Le premier jeu pour mon fils, Arthur. Une sorte d'activité d'éveil ou chaque touche du clavier et de la souris active une animation, une musique ou un piano. Le but est de se rappeler quel touche fait quoi et d'en taper une seule à la fois!
Il s'agit du premier volet d'une série d'échanges vidéoludique :).


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Love Quest

‎June 14 ‎2014

Un jeu de la Fortis pour le mariage d'un des leurs!

Pour jouer, espace pour commencer et sauter, A et Q pour faire bouger le dbmètre.


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Un jeu pour le mariage d'un pote

August 10 2013

Un jeu pour le mariage d'un pote joué pendant le repas. Le marié dirige le personnage et quand il se plante, l'assistance doit crier pour le sauver.

Attention, le dbmètre est fake, on augmente la valeur au clavier :).


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L'histoire d'une belle épopée

June 10 2013

Un court métrage, toujours pour le mariage de potes. On s'est bien vautré dans les clichés ce coup là: les suisses, les italiens, la la la.

Pour la petite histoire on a appris que c'était très francophone de faire des blagues aux mariages, parce que la famille italienne était passablement vexé à la fin de la projection.


Wo bist du, mein unerlässiliches Armoat?

February 13 2006

Un roman photo réalisé à Confignon pour l'anniversaire d'une copine.


Michael's Day's Game

July 30 2005

Un jeu de plateau réalisé avec ma femme. Il s'agit d'un jeu des échelles agrementé de carte infligeant des pénalités ou des bonus.



March 2005 - Open source project

As many developers before me, I was very displeased by PhpMyAdmin. No problem, I'll just create my own using Yui... How hard can that be?


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